Please ID plant

Asked September 14, 2018, 9:02 AM EDT

Can you please ID this plant? I want to see if it's invasive/bad, or good:) In the photos, you can see a butterfly bush behind it that I planted, but I'm not quite sure where this plant came from. It has no flowers on it, and has two half-inch stems coming up at the ground that split off. Leaves are heart shaped. Size of the plant is about 4' high and like 6' across/sprawling.! Thank you so much!

Olmsted County Minnesota plant identification japanese knotweed

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So far as we can tell from viewing the photos, the plant appears to be Japanese knotweed. Leaf shape for this plant is variably described as heart-shaped, shield-shaped or spade-shaped. If this ID is correct, the plant is considered invasive and should be removed.

Thank you so much Bob:) So does this Japanese knotweed get spread by the Japanese Beetle, which I have??? Just kidding...thanks again! Georgia

Historically there has been quite a bit of horticultural exchange between Japan and the USA, intended and unintended.

Here is part of that story, but just a part: