Deserate Apple trees.

Asked September 14, 2018, 8:57 AM EDT

I have a mature McIntoush, a 2 yr old honey crisp and a Haralred that are looking quite disease ridion. Last year the mcintoush was so full i couldnt be seen amounst the branches. This last month it has lost its strenght, color and the apples have stopped growing. As for the harared n honey crisp thier leaves have had trouble from the start curling brittle, yellowing , spotting. Etc.please help me help my trees.

Crow Wing County Minnesota

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Apple cultivars can be affected by a variety of issues. We have some good apple management information that can help you mitigate these and other issues:

Here are some possible answers to your issues.

The McIntosh may have spotty leaves due to apple scab, a common issue in hot moist summers with heavy rainfalls like this year. Some trees are also more susceptible to scab that others.

Re: the crop size - Apples will have alternating growing years where one year they have high fruit production and the next year, not much fruit production or smaller fruit than normal. You may see another bumper crop next year.

The yellowing leaves of the Haralson may point to cholrosis, where the soil pH is too high to enable the plant to take up sufficient amounts of iron or manganese. This leads to yellowing leaves. A soil test can help you determine soil pH and recommend amendments.

The Honeycrisp is a different story, You are likely seeing honeycrisp mottling disorder. This is a physiological disorder of honeycrisp trees. There is nothing really to do.