Asked September 14, 2018, 8:50 AM EDT

Hello I'm looking into weevils for our property in sw Nebraska. Can they live here? Not finding much information on living conditions. Thanks

Hitchcock County Nebraska

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We have many weevils that can live here in Nebraska. Are there specific kinds of weevils that you are most interested in? We often find people dealing with strawberry root weevil, black vine weevil, and rice weevils in and around the home. The first two are associated with landscape plants near the foundations and can sometimes find their way inside. Rice weevils live in stored products like rice, corn, and other dry goods. If you have bird seed they will often live in that. Some folks also get billbugs in their lawn. If you can provide me some more info on what you are looking for, I will be happy to provide what knowledge I have.

I'm looking for puncture vine weevils. From what I understand they only eat puncture vine and nothing else? Thanks

I am not familiar with that weevil being common in Nebraska, but this article from 1979 says that they are established in this portion of the US http://calag.ucanr.edu/archive/?type=pdf&article=ca.v033n06p7
I know you can purchase it from a reputable biological control source and I found this advice elsewhere on eXtension:
"Puncture vine weevils are a good option in controlling puncture vine, however they are not the sole solution. As you probably know the weevil feeds on the seed (goat head) thus preventing it from germinating. They do stop the seeds already in the ground from germinating and those plants from coming up. Using weevils alone is a slow process. It is good to use them in combination with a pre-emergent and post-emergent. Also getting a good stand of grass will shade out the goat head weed and seeds and out compete the weed. If the area you are talking about you are not able to water in a pre-emergent or get a good stand of grass the weevils along with a post-emergent herbicide will be your only option. Weevils are a good piece of the puzzle when controlling goat head weeds. Let me know if you have any other questions." (from https://ask.extension.org/users/198593)
I can't say with 100% certainty that if you released them that you would get a thriving population. You may have to make multiple releases over successive years.

Finally, some advice from our friends at Utah State Etxension https://extension.usu.edu/archive/how-to-take-the-bite-out-of-puncturvine