New Hosta root crowns and planting

Asked September 13, 2018, 7:15 PM EDT

I just received nine hosta root crowns in the mail yesterday and need help with how to plant them. I live on the south side of Bull Mountain in Tigard and my back yard faces north. It's quite shady and I think ideal for hostas. USDA says I"m in zone 8b. In looking online, I see many different suggestions on planting. Plant in pots in the fall, put them in a warm place to sprout them and then plant them in the yard. Or put them in pots and put them in the garage and when they leave out in the spring, plant them in the yard. Or plant them in the yard and mulch them. Other options as well. See the attached photos and please advise me how to plant them for best success. Thanks!

Washington County Oregon

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Any of the techniques will work well here in the northwest.

If they were mine, I'd prefer to plant just once. In other words, I would put then in the ground now. And with the recent rainfall we've had recently, they will have a good start.