Insect eggs

Asked September 13, 2018, 10:00 AM EDT

Can anyone identify these? Insect eggs? They are in our lawn, in Steuben County, NY

Steuben County New York

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I would need to see them in hand under a scope. They could be eggs but they could also be a gall. The gall could be cause by a variety of organisms.

What is the plant that they are on?
Sometimes, by looking for the plant and gall, you can find the info you need. Some galls are specific to particular groups of plants.

Then you can find out what has caused the gall. It could be caused by insects, fungi, bacteria or viruses.

Search for plant gall on line to see the great variety of shapes and sizes of galls.

Another good possibility is that these are the fruiting bodies of a slime mold.