Planting in Rip Rap on the Chesapeake

Asked September 13, 2018, 8:30 AM EDT

Hello! I recently moved to the eastern shore and have a rip rap shoreline. I would like to grow some plants to cover the rocks and improve wildlife habitat. I don't want anything tall because I don't want to block my view. I would appreciate any suggestions on what to plant there. Native plants would be my preference, and anything that attracts birds or butterflies would be a plus. Thanks.

Kent County Maryland

1 Response

We are not sure if you are referring to planting in a Living Shoreline area or on an embankment. This area sounds like it may be in the Critical Area of the Chesapeake Bay. Please contact your County Office for the best way to proceed.

Also, see the link below on Living Shorelines including plant suggestions based on the site