Yellowjacket hive is dead, now what?

Asked September 12, 2018, 11:52 PM EDT

My neighbor (without me knowing of course) burned a hive of yellow jackets on the border of our property with gas.

Many of them have beem seen on the outside of our doors and windows at night time. How long before they die out, and can they renest? This happend late August and it is not mid September here in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Allegheny County Pennsylvania

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If a nest is destroyed when all of the insects aren't in the nest, some of the returning yellowjackets circle around in a disoriented way trying to regroup. In my own experience, the remaining yellowjackets tried to rebuild near the site of the old nest. They weren't successful and were gone in a few days. Since your yellowjacket nest was destroyed several weeks ago, There may be a new nest or a different group of yellowjackets in your area. Here is a link to some information about yellowjackets that may help. If you do find another nest, there are directions in this article on the best way to eliminate it.