Composting Oregon Myrtlewood leaves

Asked September 12, 2018, 9:38 PM EDT

Is it safe to compost Myrtlewood leaves into my vegetable garden?

Douglas County Oregon compost horticulture

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Yes. Composting your leaves is quite simple and doesn't require any expensive bins or tumblers, just a good mix and time. Your compost pile can be any size and can be loose or fenced in with some chicken wire, just make sure you can access it from one side to turn your pile every so often. Turning your pile will allow oxygen to help the decomposition process.

Start with a 6 inch layer of leaves, shredded or not, and then add a two inch layer of something green that contains more nitrogen such as manure, grass clipping, green weeds, or vegetable waste from the kitchen. If you don't have green waste, then add a little nitrogen such as dried blood, cottonseed meal, or bone meal. You can also spread a little native soil between the layers which will add some bacteria, fungi and other organisms that will help decompose the organic waste. Turn your pile every three weeks or sooner if you want. If you turn the pile three or four times before spring, you can have some fine compost ready for spring planting.

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