Someone to Contact for Misapplication of Chemical

Asked September 12, 2018, 8:33 PM EDT

Lesco Momentum FX2 Herbicide was mis-applied (was not to be applied) mixed with Demand insecticide (Syngenta) on a hot still day (9/31/18) and vapor drift occurred. I need someone to contact and want options to help take care of the 500 (+/-) trees, evergreens, ornamental trees, evergreens & shrubs, shrubs, bushes, vines, plants on my 1/4 homestead property in Roseville, MN. I am overwhelmed with the devastation.

Ramsey County Minnesota herbicide damage

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Please direct your question to University of Minnesota Extension Crop Educators Dave Nicolai or Lizabeth Stahl. Although they focus on herbicide damage associated with agricultural activities, they may be able to provide the information and support you need deal with the problem you have described.

David Nicolai
Extension Educator, Crops & Institute for Ag Prof Coord
(651) 480-7706 (phone)
(651) 480-7797 (fax)

Lizabeth Stahl
Extension Educator, Crops
(507) 372-3900 (phone)
(507) 372-3911 (fax)

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