Paw Paw Seedlings

Asked September 12, 2018, 10:15 AM EDT

I have several Paw Paw trees and last year they dropped fruit that this year has produced many small seedlings under and very close to the parent three. My questions are: 1. How close together can the trees grow? The seedlings are under or only several feet from the drip line. The two parent trees are only about 5 feet apart and seem to be doing well. 2. If I transplant some of them to a new location, what is the best time to dig them up, i.e. Fall, Spring etc.? 3. What is the best method for digging up the seedling so I don't kill them? 4. When I picked the fruit I saved the seeds in their pulp. Can I plant the seeds? If so, when/how, and should I leave them in the pulp in the fridge or separate them from it and let them dry out? Thank you for your consideration.

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We do not have a great deal of information or research on Paw Paw at this time, and direct you to publications from Universities in Virginia and Kentucky, like these: and

It seems that Paw Paw reproduce from seed, but perhaps more commonly, as clonal root sprouts, which is what you may have happening. This suggests they grow just fine close to each other, and into thickets, naturally.