Zone 5 heirloom rose

Asked September 12, 2018, 9:49 AM EDT

I received a bare root heirloom rose as a memorial for my mother July 4...I have potted it, and it is doing very well, but the friend who gave it to us did not realize it was a zone can I over winter this beautiful is “Super Dorothy”...she ordered it from a company in Oregon..I contacted them, but they did not have any real good it deals for me..

Beltrami County Minnesota

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Thanks for the question. Since your rose is designated for zone 5 and you are residing in a county that is between zones 3 and 4, your rose will not survive the upcoming winter if it stays outside. As I enlarge the picture you sent, it seems as if it is already in a containing. I assume this is what you meant when you indicated that you had potted it. The main objective of your overwintering should be to maintain a dormant state for your rose. Specifically this means no application of fertilizer as this may encourage the development of new foliage. The following two articles will give you additional information of a more specific nature.

Good Luck!!