New to Minnesota from the East Coast

Asked September 12, 2018, 9:33 AM EDT

Hello, we just moved to MN from NJ, and I have a lot of questions! We live on 3.7 acres in Stillwater, Washington County, and half the lot is cleared, and the other half is overgrown with buckthorn and trees that appear to be fragile; in fact, we've lost half a dozen in the last few storms. Also, there appears to be a concentrated area of dead fern. Because I'm new to the area, and because the previous owner was an avid caretaker, I am wondering if I can get someone to come look at my soil, trees and gardens, and advise me on continuing care. I've heard of goats for the buckthorm, but I'm very concerned about the trees and soil. Please help!

Washington County Minnesota

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Go here for information about how to get management assistance specific to your trees and woodland:

Landscape professionals can provide the support you need to improve and maintain the portions of your property dedicated to home, yard and gardens. Here are some examples:

Or use this tool to find a certified landscape professional:

A number of companies dedicated to buckthorn removal advertise their services online. Enter "buckthorn control services mn" in your browser to find them.

Or use this information if you decide to do the job yourself:

Some of Minnesota's most common and beautiful fern species become dormant at this time of year. They may not be dead even if the fronds are now crisp and brown.