Oak Tree Leaves

Asked September 11, 2018, 4:23 PM EDT

Hello! I have several oak trees and many of them have leaves and/or small branches that appear on the tree trunk itself (see 2 photos attached). This has been happening for several years. A friend thinks that this is a sign of stress and that the trees are in danger. Please advise. Thanks!

Ingham County Michigan

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Many trees do this and it is no cause for concern and not a sign of stress. There are a number of ways trees can show stress but this is not one of them. As long as the tree is otherwise healthy you have no problem. If the new growth is unappealing to you, it can be taken off at any time if desired, without a problem.

John - Thanks for the fast response. Good to know that the trees are ok.

Okay but I see that the question has been reassigned to an MSUE Staff tree expert so there may yet be another response. Maybe more that I don't know and we'll see. If you don't get another response however, then I guess mine stands.