Ivy houseplant left In sun and moved to under a/c vent

Asked September 11, 2018, 10:56 AM EDT

I recently opened the A/C vent above my ivy that sits next to a sunny window shaded with a sheer curtain. After 2 weeks I went into room to water and found it was totally drooped over and some leaves were dry and crisp. Considering the new condition I realized I must have waited too long to water. Soil was dry so I watered minimally. But next day still the same. Should I water again and how much? How long will it take for leaves to stand up again?

Union County North Carolina

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Sounds like your ivy plant may be dead due to lack of water. The problem may have been aggravated if the air conditioner vent was blowing directly onto the plant. This would cause the plant to lose more water than normal through a higher rate transpiration from air movement over the leaves. Usually if a plant has wilted due to too little water, if it is not dead, the leaves will regain turgor and not be wilted within a few hours of watering. On the flip side, too much water (if water may be standing in the container) can cause similar symptoms.

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