frost depth

Asked September 10, 2018, 10:51 PM EDT

I am considering digging a geothermal system to heat my green house and I would need to dig deeper than the frost line. The usual 3-4' depth for fence posts, doesn't seem deep enough. Is there a different number I should take into consideration?

Anchorage Alaska

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Hi, What community/area of the state are you in?

Appreciated, Art
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I'm in Anchorage, west side, south of airport.

Understood- Anchorage. So feel free to call me on my cell and his is why: If you are putting in a geothermal system, I don't know if you are putting in a well/vertical system which then you would want, more importantly, to know where your water table is. (Or are you planning to do a loop/horizontal system?) You can contact me at 907-322-2309 Thanks Art