Amy Nissen

Asked September 9, 2018, 8:48 PM EDT

Dear Gardening Master, We need your knowledge! I hope you can help us. The back of our yard has a row of well established shrubs. We have lived in this home for only one year, so I’m unsure how long they have been there or what kind of shrubs they are. I just can tell it would be a big job to dig them out. In the last few weeks, half of the row has began to die- or what looks like dying. Leaves have been ‘browning’ and falling off. We aren’t sure if this is a normal, but it seems unusual given that it isn’t happening to the entire row if shrubs. Any ideas on if these shrubs are Dave able?

Hennepin County Minnesota

1 Response

The shrubs are so overgrown and tangled it is almost impossible to identify them. They may possibly be dogwood. You need to clean up the area. Get rid of the obviously dead stems and broken branches. The smooth yellow and reddish stems look to be the new younger ones. Leave them up there. Once it is cleaned out and dead wood and junk at the base of the shrubs removed, water them well and see how they look next spring. You probably should clean out and clean up the rest of the line of shrubs too. The previous owners just let everything go without maintenance.