Need help ID'ing chicken predator

Asked September 9, 2018, 9:24 AM EDT


Foxes seem to be my #1 issue where I live (PEI, Canada) and normal losses or attacks generally involve neck/back attacks and removal of the carcass.

Yesterday I lost one that is perplexing: the head/neck was among a bunch of feathers on the lawn about 10-20 feet away from a large spruce tree. By accident I discovered the almost completely buried carcass - intact other than headless - in the dirt under the near-by tree.

No obvious prints in the dirt.

Any idea what would have killed it and hidden it close by?

Outside United States

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A buried carcass generally points towards a fox. Feline predators like bobcats or domestic cats will cover their prey with leaves or dirt to stash it but will not bury it in the dirt. There is a chance based on the headless nature of the chicken that it could be a raccoon as well but they tend not to bury the remains. I would say it is most likely a fox that was trying to save it for a meal later on.