Are the toads healthy?

Asked September 9, 2018, 9:21 AM EDT

We have toads in our deep window well. I had only seen around 15-20 before but I counted 30 this morning! They have appeared to be healthy. They were able to burrow under the rocks and dirt or hide under leaves. There were plenty of bugs. I recently noticed 1 dead toad and 1 skeleton. Now I’ve noticed a few of the toads have sunken in sides. Is this a sign that they aren’t getting enough to eat? Also, a couple are darker and not nearly as active this morning. It has rained on and off yesterday and today, the toads are out of hiding and are hopping or crawling around except for 3 of them. Should I be concerned and try to get them out of the window well? I think the window well is too deep and narrow to put a board for them to climb up. Any other suggestions for giving them an option to get out?

Vanderburgh County Indiana

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Toads sometimes overwinter in window wells, so they could be perfectly fine. On the other hand, it's possible they're stuck & would prefer to leave, but can't (the dead toad & the skeleton suggest that there isn't enough in there for all to eat, even if a few could possibly hibernate down there). If you can reach them, you could get them out & let them go a few meters away, best someplace with some shelter. If they want to return, they'll do so on their own.