scaly leg mite in chickens

Asked September 8, 2018, 12:43 PM EDT

Hello, We were given some chickens that were infested with mites and have scaly leg- a couple are really bad. My husband didn't realize it when he brought them home and put them in the coop with my non infested chickens. I treated them all last night with a Davis Pure Planet Poultry spray and then powdered under their wings. One hen has obvious mites on her body as well, but it's mostly the scaly leg that is the worst issue. I have diatomaceous earth to sprinkle in their coop after cleaning it out, then will sprinkle the powder in the coop as well. My question is then, how often should I repeat this process, is there a better spray than that, that you'd recommend and finally do I need to be concerned about them getting into my house? I've had chickens for over twenty years and never had an issue with mites. I currently have 14 chickens and had just raised 6 new chicks as a bobcat and fox wiped out my previous flock of 11. I think it's too late for the coop to not be infested, and the others to not be effected as we brought them home a month ago when I had company and couldn't address the issue. What do I need to do besides this? Anything you'd recommend? Thank you! Dana

Linn County Oregon

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Controlling mites can be a constant issue. I have attached a publication from the Poultry Extension program from the University of California. This pub will give you some background as well as control and treatment ideas. It will not allow me to send the pub is one piece. Send me a direct email : and I will send you the entire document.

Jim Hermes