Asked September 7, 2018, 11:11 PM EDT

Dear Sirs; I live near the Oregon coast. Last spring I planted 2 viburnum (All that Glitters and All that Glows). I have noticed that the leaves are pale with red edges. We have had a dry summer but I have kept them watered although I don't believe that I have overdone it. I applied fertilizer a few months ago and added compost when I planted as I tend to have sandier soil here being so near to the coast. Could this be a lack of something in the soil? Suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you K Bottomley

Lincoln County Oregon

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Hello, Thank you for contacting us via Ask an Expert.

In order to property diagnosis the issue with your viburnums - it would be very helpful if we could have a picture of the leaf damage, as well as the damage on the entire plant. You can attached images to your response within the Ask an Expert system. This will help us determine if it is a possible nutrient deficiency, disease issue or environmental factor. When did you notice they symptoms? Are they affecting the whole plant or just part of it? Thank you for providing more information.