Daisy Problem in Goshen

Asked September 7, 2018, 1:07 PM EDT

Hello, Please see the attached picture, it appears my daisies are dying. I have watered them consistently throughout the summer, about three times a week when there was no rain. I recently fed them with Miracle Gro pellets and they still look bad. I do not recall them looking like this at this time last year. I hope you can help, they are my favorite flower. Thank you! ~Becky Jennings

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1 Response

Your daises look like the have a fungal disease on the foliage. I can not identify it from your picture. You can bring several samples to the Extension Service office to have the disease identified. I recommend cutting the old flower stalks back to the base foliage removing all diseased foliage and stems. We have had a lot of humidity this summer and foliage diseases have been more active. The dead diseased material should be removed to reduce the spores the can infect the healthy foliage. The daisies are probably finished blooming for this year. Next year you can use a fungicide to protect the plants from foliage disease problems.
Contact the Oldham County Cooperative Extension Office if you have additional Questions. 502-222-9453