ugly brown growths in my lawn

Asked September 7, 2018, 11:36 AM EDT

We have brown/black growths recurring in our lawn. They are apple to grapefruit size, roundish, hard. They grow mostly underground with only the top showing at the surface. They are strong enough the push up through the edge of our black top driveway. What are they? How can we treat/get rid of these things?

Baltimore County Maryland lawns and turf puffball mushrooms

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This sounds like a type of puffball mushroom. They do have the ability to break through black top. Mushrooms are fungal fruiting bodies that feed on organic matter that is breaking down in the soil, some examples are wood or decaying tree roots of a tree that has been cut down. Unfortunately, there is no treatment. Spraying the mushrooms would not do anything. Remove them as they appear.