Asked September 6, 2018, 10:00 PM EDT

How can I become a farmer if I have to prove I've produced $80.000/year in gross income for two consecutive years? I would like to raise pigs or alpaca. The property I'm interested in does not have house on it. If I sell my house where I live now, I could afford to purchase 20 acres of land. Howver, in order to build a house on the property, I would need to prove income. So the question is: how do I go about doing this?

Washington County Oregon

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I'm not an expert in these rules. As far as I understand it, if you want to build a new house on sub-divided EFU land, you have to show that you can produce income levels required by the County that aims to keep the land in farming. Rules vary by County.

If you're looking for some acreage where you can raise pigs or alpaca, I would look for a property suited to that purpose with a house. There are some good rural realtors in the business.

Good luck in your search!