Mole invasion in gardens

Asked September 6, 2018, 3:46 PM EDT

I operate 100 community gardens and we have had an invasion of moles this year. We will wrap up our gardening experience at the end of October. What can I do before next year's gardening season to keep the moles out of our gardens?

Wayne County Michigan moles in lawn

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Those areas of the state that have received more rainfall than normal are seeing increased mole activity. This because moisture promotes a greater population of the moles food sources and the wet soil makes digging much easier. They can destroy a lawn or garden overnight and remediation is urgently recommended, before the babies come. They do not always stay in the same place and often move, maybe to the neighbor’s yard, but when they do stay it will be necessary to trap them out. There are various mole control products on the market, a few may help some, but most are completely ineffective. The only sure method is trapping. Suggesting to familiarize yourself with the various traps on the market, most not user friendly, but all do work. Here are a few links to controlling moles:

Good luck!