Care for goose after dog attack

Asked September 6, 2018, 3:10 PM EDT

My white domestic goose suffered viscious attack fr neighbors 2 Bernese mountain dog. She is hanging on because I give her inj antibiotics ans pain med. Half her feathers are gone. Mostly on top and rear. Will they grow back by winter. How will she regulate her body temp. We brought her in the house these dayy cause it’s 90deg n she seem overheated. any suggestions?

Gloucester County New Jersey

1 Response

Sorry to hear about the attack on your goose. I am not a veterinarian and therefore am not qualified to answer some of your questions. I would try to find a veterinarian to help care for your goose, but I am aware that poultry vets are difficult to find sometimes. If you cannot find a poultry vet, try calling Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital at 970-297-5000, they have some veterinarians that are familiar with poultry. Good luck.