horse stall manure

Asked September 6, 2018, 12:59 PM EDT

Hi am I wanting to spread the sawdust,manure mixture that comes from my stalls directly onto the horses pasture. I was told that I need to add something to the mixture before I spread it onto the field. I believe they said 1/2 cup per 50 lbs of manure, however they did not tell me what and if it was safe for the horses to graze on the field while I am spreading the manure. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks you Jan

Clinton County Michigan

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Before spreading the raw sawdust/manure mixture directly on your horse pasture it would be advisable to compost the soiled bedding and manure first.
Nitrogen is essential for grass growth. Manure with lots of sawdust can actually deplete the soil of nitrogen, which will be counter productive when attempting to grow pasture grasses. This is because of the high levels of carbon contained in wood products. The carbon-nitrogen ratio in sawdust for example is approximately 442:1. As the carbon breaks down, it can deplete the soil of nitrogen.

Composting horse manure offers many advantages.
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