Can anyone identify this rock?

Asked September 5, 2018, 6:20 PM EDT

I have inherited a very large rock of sorts. It is very hard and very heavy. About 1.5 feet tall, 1 foot deep and 2 feet wide. My uncle kept it for years but never told me where or how he got it. I live in South Dakota but I can't say for sure that's where it came from. It has a few large lines thru it but is very clear (able to read a newspaper thru it). It's edges are very sharp. I'd say it's around 200 pounds but I've never had it weighed. The bottom of it appears to look "bubbled". I have had it for a few years now and am desperate to identify it. I know it's not the best photo and I can send more. I would really appreciate any information you could give. Thank you.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Charles Mix County South Dakota

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Hi, Brianna - I'm not really sure what type of rock it is. I suggest taking your images to a local geologist, given that the specimen is so heavy. If you can break off a small piece to go with the images, a geologist would be able to give you a better identification by seeing it in person. Good luck!