What is digging in my yard?

Asked September 5, 2018, 3:13 PM EDT

Hi. For about a month now I've noticed that something has been digging in my yard. I live NW of Lansing, MI. When it was very dry there were only a couple of these but now that we've had some rain there seem to be more and more. I've included a picture. I would say the hole is about 1.5" in diameter. There is no tunneling. I can stick my finger down into the hole 2-3" and it stops. Any idea what is doing this? Thanks.

Clinton County Michigan

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Likely an animal searching for food but no way to know for sure without catching it in the act. Heavy rains tend to drive earthworms and grubs nearer the surface. Skunks do this often, usually overnight, but tend to be messy.

Surprisingly, big pests sometimes leave little holes. If your yard is pocked with shallow divots, you may have raccoons, squirrels or even skunks visiting your lawn, even if they're not burrowing there. These creatures dig divots in grass and mulch to eke out food. Having your plants uprooted at night - or finding big chunks of sod - points to raccoons. If the damage is done during the day, however, then squirrels may be to blame.