Small black hard growth inside San Marzono tomatoes

Asked September 5, 2018, 12:02 PM EDT

Are the tomatoes safe to can with this growth present. I canned the tomatoes and I believe I cut out most of the growth but I could have missed some. Thanks.

Wayne County Michigan canning tomatoes tomatoes

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So sorry for your problem with the tomatoes . This is called blossom end rot and appears as a dark, rotten spot on the bottom of the tomato. It may start out as a dime-size brown patch, then grow bigger and deeper, and eventually become covered with black mold.

As for preserving them quality is essential. Select only disease-free, preferably vine-ripened, firm fruit for canning/preserving.
From what I have researched and read as long as the tomato rot is removed completely and no black mold is present then they may be preserved. I caution you to make sure that no molds are present.
I hope this helps in your decision.
Eileen Haraminac Food Safety Educator