Not choking out ground cover by whacking tall weeds

Asked September 4, 2018, 10:51 PM EDT

I have a large steep hill in which I am growing vinca. This spring and summer I wasn't able to keep up with the tall weeds. I would like to whack them but raking them on such a large hill is more than I can handle. If I just whack these tall weeds before they go to seed and let them fall over top of the vinca, will the weeds choke out the vinca. Or will the vinca just bounce back next spring. I do know vinca is a no-no but in some areas it looks nice. It is contained and will not go beyond certain areas. Part 2 to this. On this same hill, my neighbor's pachysandra is spreading over into this hill and I fear it will overtake my property. What's the best way to contain their pachysandra from choking out everying. I have some ligularia that is naturalizing nicely and because of it's height I think it can withstand the vinca. Not so sure about the pachysandra. Thanks.

Baltimore County Maryland

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Leaving the weed debris on top of the vinca is not the best idea. Obviously, this could smother it in addition to increasing moisture which can promote disease problems. It's not necessary to remove it all but get as much off as you can.
If the pachysandra is that much of a concern you can install a plastic barrier into the ground to stop it from spreading. Over time you can pull whatever comes over the barrier. It sounds like you are doing a good job of stabilizing the soil on your slope.


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