Can you identify this plant?

Asked September 4, 2018, 10:34 PM EDT

I have been trying to identify, with no success, this plant that popped up in some of my potted outdoor plants a few years ago.
I first guessed that it is a red Basil, it does have an interesting scent, sort of like basil but doesn't have much flavor when I "tasted" a small leaf sample.
It is an attractive plant, it goes to seed, the flower isn't that memorable, but the leaves are interesting and have a nice deep reddish purple color.

I have downloaded a couple "apps" for Android phones like Pl@ntnet and PictureThis that compare a photo uploaded to it to its database and tries to provide similar or the actual plant trying to be identified by the apps.

Please take a moment and review these photos.
What else can I tell you about it?
Well, it has a scent not unlike that of basil when you rub the leaves, the seeds it produces are on vertical flower stems like basil, it is resilient, handles drought as well as too much water, seeds winter over and new seedlings return every spring, its newly sown seeds pop up around the area it was growing during the previous summer.
I have kept it growing in the winter by bringing it indoors and keeping it under LED lights along with my other indoor winteringover plants; begonias, poinsettias, peppers, aloe and other frost prone plants.
I like the looks of the plant, but need to know more about it. It might be very invasive for all I can tell. Do I keep it or not?

New Castle County Delaware

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From the photo it looks like perilla frutescens.

Here is a description of the plant -

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