safety of apple butter that wasn’t reduced enough

Asked September 4, 2018, 1:18 PM EDT

Hello, I recently made a batch of apple butter following the recipe in the Bell Blue Book and processing it using the hot water bath method (as per the recipe). I used pint sized jars (recipe makes 3) and I had one additional pint sized jar of extra apple butter left when done reducing. After triple checking my measurements it is my belief that I didn’t reduce the apple butter long enough, and I’m wondering if this will effect the ph of the end product potentially causing spoilage or growth of botulism? Thank you, Kristina

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This won't be a safety problem, it just means that the apple butter might not be quite as thick as you might have had otherwise. Or, you might not have had very juicy apples, so they didn't require much simmering before the butter was thickened. As long as the butter was hot when you poured it into jars and it was processed, all pathogens should be destroyed.
Applebutter is not a risk for botulism. That only occurs in low acid foods (vegetables and meats). If the butter was not fully cooked and processed it might mold or ferment, both of which are obvious.
Sounds like it should be fine.