Loss of liquid in canned corn ok?

Asked September 3, 2018, 1:24 PM EDT

Yesterday I canned 14 pints of corn in my pressure cooker. When they went into the pressure cooker, each jar had the corn floating in liquid. When I went to wash the jars this morning, I noticed that there is hardly any liquid left in the jars. Is this ok? Please do not tell me that I have to toss the corn!

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Thank you for your question. It sounds like the liquid siphoned out of the jar. This generally happens for one of three reasons:

1. Rapid fluctuation of pressure in the canner.

2. Food wa


s packed too tightly in the jar.

3. Air bubbles in jar (forgetting to debubble prior to putting lid on jar)

The headspace for canned corn is 1-inch. It looks like there may not be enough headspace in your jar. This may cause food to bubble out during processing.

There are multiple factors that need to be in place to determine safety:

*Pressure gauge was accurate (tested within past year)

*Corn was canned in a pressure canner large enough to fit at least 4 quart jars

*Pressure canner was vented 10 minutes prior to closing pet cock

*Corn was pressure canned at 11 pounds pressure (if under 2,000 feet elevation) for 55 minutes in pints or 85 minutes in quarts. 11 pounds of pressure was maintained for the full duration of the processing time.

*Pressure canner was allowed to depressurize naturally and safety lock was down before petcock was opened.

If all these factors were in place and a good seal was formed on the jar, the corn should be safe. It may darken, dry out, and not be as appealing as if it had liquid in it. Eat is sooner, rather than later.

You are welcome to call our Food Safety and Preservation Hotline to discuss this further (sometimes it helps to walk through the scenario). The number is 1-800-354-7319.

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