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Asked September 3, 2018, 11:29 AM EDT

Hello, I recently bought a house on one acre and most of the land is in grass. I'd like to convert about 1/3 acre into pasture for raising pastured chickens and a couple sheep. What seed do you recommend I add to improve the forage quality. I am located in Yamhill County Oregon on flat Woodburn Silty Loam soil. I will be able to irrigate the pasture area and intend to use highly managed grazing techniques with high density and low duration grazing by the chickens and sheep. In one area I did not irrigate all summer, ran chickens over the area and illuminated most of the existing vegetation. I limed the soil and want to seed soon. What mix of seed, for example white clover,and ryregrass, do you recommend? What seeding rate, x pounds per acre for each species? In another area I did not irrigate this summer, and also did not graze. The existing grass is mostly brown, about 3 inches tall after mowing. I don't know the species but it is mostly a grass that spreads by runners, like crab/quack/bermuda grass. How would you recommend I prep this area for seeding? Thank You, Antonia Partridge As an aside, I sent in another question 10 days ago about sheep stocking rate and I received no reply.

Yamhill County Oregon

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There are a couple publications below that will help you with your questions about pasture species, soil preparation and planting rate. A couple publications address sheep specifically and the last addresses Oregon pasture species and rates depending upon site drainage.


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