moles and weeds

Asked September 3, 2018, 12:10 AM EDT

Moles are digging through my whole yard about an acre. I have never had this happen! What should I do? I did put the granular stuff down for the grubs! They are tunneling right up to the driveway and in flowerbeds where I never have had them. Help!!! Also for weeds in the perennial flower beds is there a type of spray that can be used? I have six huge beds and I have used Preen twice. also something maybe later in October for prevention for the spring. Thanks!

Minnesota moles

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There is no spray to use on weeds in a perennial bed that will not also kill your plants. Weed killers kill broadleaf weeds and your perennials are considered broadleaf also. The best would be to spend the time to remove as many of the weeds as possible before they have a chance to seed seeds and dig the perennial ones. Sorry.

It is frustrating to have moles. They also are hard to deal with. Best hope is that they will move on but lacking that, here is a link to a very thorough publication on how to deal with them from the University of Missouri Extension: