Spider in my window

Asked September 2, 2018, 10:26 PM EDT

So theres this spider in my window and i dont know if its venemous or not

Lewis County Missouri

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The pictures are too fuzzy to do and ID. Luckily, we have only two Missouri spiders that are a threat to people. All spiders have venom, and they will bite if trap next to the skin. But the brown recluse and the black widow are the only ones that have enough venom delivered to do us harm. I don't think this spider is either one, although the color is about right for the brown recluse. Look at the back of the spider to see if it has the spot that looks like a fiddle/violin on its front section. Check out our spider guide to help you decide: https://extension2.missouri.edu/g7386.
Attached is a picture of the brown recluse.

Information for:
Brown recluse: https://extension2.missouri.edu/G7386?p=3#Brown
Black widow: https://extension2.missouri.edu/G7386?p=2#Black