Is my young apricot tree dying?

Asked September 1, 2018, 11:28 PM EDT

I planted an apricot tree in early May of this year. My soil was tested and said to be good. I purchased a young peach tree around the same time and planted on the other end of the yard. The peach tree is growing and flourishing. The apricot tree is losing leaves and doesn’t seem to have grown much at all. I’m not sure what’s happening. It gets plenty of sun and water every day. I’ve “fed” it as well, once per month.

Salt Lake County Utah

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I will have to see pictures of it to possibly tell what has happened. You can send pictures through this site. Regardless of that, though, you should stop fertilizing it (I assume that fertilization is what you mean when you say you have "fed" it). Trees almost never need fertilization, and especially not soon after planting.
So send me some pictures of the tree overall and a closeup of the trunk of the tree, especially where it goes into the soil.