Sprays for SWD

Asked September 1, 2018, 5:09 PM EDT

I am trying to control SWD in my small raspberry patch. I keep it picked clean, and have sprayed with Bonide's Captain Jack's "Dead Bug" (spinosad .5%) In an attempt to minimize impacts on bees I have waited to spray until dusk. Is that an effective time to spray for SWD? York Twp Mi.

Frank Corl

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Washtenaw County Michigan

2 Responses

Yes that should work.SWD does not like the heat and is in the shade for the middle of the day. You need excellent coverage so anything you can do to open up the row and increase spray penetration into the canopy is good.
I would suggest picking as often as possible (every day or every other day) and not letting the fruit get soft. If the receptacle of the berry is pink when you pick it that means the druplets are leaking and indicates the the SWD larvae are in the berry

Thanks Mark,