Strawberry plants with no berries

Asked September 1, 2018, 12:15 PM EDT

I have been working on growing strawberries in my garden. They are an ever bearing plant. My plants are amazingly flourishing with foliage but absolutely no berries are being produced. I also snip the runners so that all the energy is staying into the main plant. My garden soil is a black sand. I do not know the ph level of the soil but my research is guiding me into adding phosphorus to bring the acid level down. What and where can I find this phosphorous material. Or, what can I do or add to produce berries... it just seems that I have been wasting my time with trying to keep the plants alive and not producing the fruit is very frustrating. Also, at the beginning of the growing season, I did however, get 20 or so buds on my plants but they eventually dried up but the plants were well watered.


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I would not recommend trying to change the soil pH if you do not know what it is. You should take a soil test to determine the soil pH and what nutrients the plants need before making big changes.
In strawberries, short days induce flowering and long days and hot weather induce runnering. You do not say what variety of strawberry you have but I would guess it is a day neutral which means the day length does not influence flower bud formation. Usually flowering for day neutrals is sparse in the summer because the heat induces leaf and runner growth as we get shorter days you should see some flowers.
Or you may have a June bearing plant and the plant will bloom in the spring.
I would not recommend trying to fertilize the plant into bearing as this will just encourage more leaf growth.

Thank you Mark for your information. My strawberry plants are an EVERBEARING STRAWBERRY PLANT. I do not remember what the name of it is tho.
I will however get a ph test done to see just what I need to do.

I believe you.
It is just that or heat are the only reasons I can think of that the plant is not blooming.
Hopefully with cooler weather you will see some blooms