No female flowers on cucumbers or squash

Asked August 31, 2018, 9:05 PM EDT

Last year was my first year planting a garden (a square foot garden). I planted cucumbers (from seed) and they did very well. Lots of fruit. I repeated with the same seeds this year. However, despite the plants doing well, they have no female flowers. I also tried summer squash for the first time this year and have the same issue - big plants that have no female flowers. I planted the summer squash on June 5th and then again on July 13th. I planted the cucumbers on June 22nd and then again on July 13th. Do you have any idea why my plants have no female flowers (and, hence, no fruit)? Maybe it was too cloudy this year? My garden is in a spot that tends to be a bit shady. Thank you for your help.

Baltimore County Maryland

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It can be frustrating, but the female flowers should come eventually.
It is also possible that you missed some, because they only last a day and then fall off, and if that particular day is wet or cloudy it may be that it just didn't get pollinated well enough.
Here is our page on summer squash, with links to common problems, including this one: