16 Acres of alfalfa / timothy hay in Williamston

Asked August 31, 2018, 10:41 AM EDT

I have planted (late) in June about 16 acres of alfalfa / timothy in Williamston, MI. This was planted mostly for dust and erosion control and not necessarily as a cash crop. No pesticides or herbicides have been used on it. I would like to see if there is any local dairy farmers that are in my area that would be in need of it to take the first cutting which should be fairly soon. Price is negotiable and not critical. Does the MSU Extension have a way of reaching out to farmers in my area? I would also like to set up a meeting on site with the Extension to look at this field and determine the best method of ensuring a healthy long term plan for this field. Thanks, John

Ingham County Michigan

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I do not know of any dairy farmers in your area who will need this hay. It may take some time to contact some others to see. There are not many diaries left in our area.

I may be able to visit your field sometime in the future and give you some pointers. Soil testing may be the first thing to do Contact the MSU lab (517) 355-0218 or any testing facility in your area. Also drainage is another key to determine the quality of the hay mix.

If you want to kill the existing vegetation, you may consider spraying Roundup now and plant in September/October.