Asked August 30, 2018, 3:14 PM EDT

I work at a winery and a wine club member recently came in wanting to know what kind of grapes were growing at their newly purchased home. I couldn't tell from looking at them but I want to be able to give them either an answer or a resource. Can you help, please?

Jackson County Oregon

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Your wine club member might want to take a sample of the grapes (preferably ripe) and some leaves from the vine, as well as information about the way in which the vine is growing (i.e. is it trellised, pruned to encourage a row of vertical canes, pruned to a central "crown" and forming horizontal canes, etc.) to OSU Research and Extension. (This growing information may give a clue as to whether this is a table grape or a wine grape if it is not otherwise evident.) The Southern Oregon Research Station is located at 569 Hanley Rd. (Rte. 238) Central Point. Telephone 541-772-5165 and ask to make an appointment with the viticulture expert. Your client should keep in mind that there are literally hundreds of varieties of grapes and it may be next to impossible to identify the exact variety being grown in his backyard. Certainly a distinction between wine and table varieties, red and white types, should be available, but further identification may not be possible.