Pine trees illness, dying in Northern MI.

Asked August 30, 2018, 2:16 PM EDT

What can I do to prevent the drying out, turning brown and probable dying of pine trees. Our lot is surrounded with different kinds of beautiful pines. Recently I saw a worker spraying trees along US 31 near Pellston. Several trees in this area seem to be dying. Recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Geraldine Dorris, 5059 Mountain Watch, Harbor Springs, MI 49740. 239-821-7582 cell

Emmet County Michigan

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Without knowing the exact tree problems I can't make a recommendation. The best insurance is to keep your trees healthy. Trees that are stressed are more prone to diseases, as well as other pest problems.Most conifers prefer full sunlight, good air movement and excellent soil drainage. Water trees during hot and dry conditions. Mulching is a good way to keep the roots cool and minimize moisture loss. We also recommend homeowners diversify their landscapes to help make their landscapes more resilient to pest and environmental changes, and seek to plant a variety of species wherever possible.