Pears and cooling them before ripening

Asked August 29, 2018, 2:36 PM EDT

I picked my mature bartlett pears this morning, how long should I refrigerate them before I can start ripening them? I placed them in a second refrigerator that is set to about 35º F. After 48 hours I measured the temperature of the pears using an instant read thermometer, the temperature inside read between 40º to 47º I had them in 3 separate boxes but they are just random in the boxes at least 3 or 4 deep and covered by a double overed blanket to keep the cold air coming into the refrigerator from freezing the exposed pears. Thank you. David Poucher

Klickitat County Washington

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Thanks for your question, David. As you can imagine, WSU has done a lot of research on pears, and I think you will find the answer in the very thorough Extension article: Hope this is helpful. Good luck!