Ring snake in my basement

Asked August 29, 2018, 2:03 PM EDT

What is a humane way to get rid of a ring snake in my basement?

Prince George's County Maryland

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This is a common snake and beneficial. Snakes occasionally wander into basements. Prevent this from occurring by caulking all openings around the house, especially windows and doors.

If a snake is inside a building and has been located it can be scooped into a trash can with a broom and released out of doors. If you don’t mind handling a snake, pick it up with garden gloves and release it outside. Grasp larger snakes directly behind the head to prevent them from biting. More often than not, a snake is hiding in a building and cannot be readily found. An effective technique is to lay damp towels in a room overnight. Snakes come out of hiding at night and often will crawl under the damp towels. The snake can then be captured and released.

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