Second Canning of Fresh Squeezed Apple Juice

Asked August 29, 2018, 1:02 PM EDT

I squeezed fresh apples for juice. I followed the directions for pasturization and canning in a water bath. When cooled, each jar of apple juice had (of course) the sediment that settled to the bottom of the jar. BUT floating on the top of the jar was kind of dark stuff that made it look horrible. Is it possible and SAFE to strain the jars through paper towels or cheese cloth and RE-CAN the juice to get rid of the floating stuff and most of the sediment?

Columbia County Oregon

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That is interesting. I am wondering how you made the cider.. Did you use a cider press or did you do it by hand. It looks like it is partials of apple that did not get strained out of the juice that is floating on top. If you just made the juice, go ahead and open it and restrain it and can it again. If it is several days you can strain it and freeze the juice.

Next time you make juice you could leave it set for several hours and then strain it again before canning it. I often refrigerate mine overnight, restrain and then can it and find I do not get as much sediment that way.

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Nellie Oehler