Scale on Geraniums

Asked August 29, 2018, 8:25 AM EDT

How can I get rid of scale on underside of geranium leaves.

Otsego County Michigan

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You possibly have an insect other than scale on your geranium leaves. It would be helpful if you could send a close-up picture. There are other insects that attack geraniums, such as white flies which are very small and can be seen on the undersides of the leaves. Others would be mites and aphids. I have not seen scale on geraniums. The information below may be helpful.

You likely have an infestation of white flies. Strictly, they are not flies at all, but a form of wood louse. ‘Flour lice’ is one common name for them, since their whiteness suggests they have been dusted with flour. These very small insects are closely related to greenflies (aphids) and scale insects.

Active indoors and out, whiteflies are specially fond of fuchsias, geraniums, hibiscus, impatiens and poinsettias among popular house plants. Many insecticides can provide good whitefly control; however, the yellow sticky cards may work just as well and be safer. Be sure to select a control that specifies that it kills whiteflies and carefully follow all directions for use.