What is this invasive plant?

Asked August 28, 2018, 7:17 PM EDT

Can you help to identify this invasive species of plant. It is growing rapidly in our lawn and killing the grass. Can you also provide guidance about how to get rid of it?

It seems to grow near the roots and create a black slimy substance near the roots of the grass. It also seems to grow under the roots, lifting the grass. Thank you very much for your help.

Wayne County Michigan

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The weed you picture here belongs to a class of primitive plants called Mosses or Liverworts. Yours is a liverwort cmost commonly found in commercial greenhouses that sell plants to the public. They are used to maintain moist conditions in the greenhouse without going to extra watering difficulties. In the home lawn they become a problem in showing where there are super drainage problems. That much is evident in your middle picture with the standing brackish water under the lliverwort. Part of your solution is to drain or find a way to drain the water away from that spot. This may be result of a drain pipe?? After rerouting the water then a Moss and Liverwort Control can be sprayed on the Liverwort with the nozzle of your sprayer fine tuned to penetrate the surface of the plants leaves. This is the fastest way to get at the living material within. Some of these materials will act similarly to Glyphosate (Roundup) although I do not recommend that use. Failing to obtain the above product Iron Sulfate will work for you in the control of Liverwort. Some of this information was available through Cornell University and through Landscape Design if New Zeeland. Thank you for using the Ask an Expert System

Thank you very much! We sincerely appreciate your expertise. Sincerely, Lori

You’re cetainly welcome. Enjoy your Holiday weekend.