How to prepare fig trees for winter

Asked August 28, 2018, 3:00 PM EDT

I have a few fig trees that are about 3 years old, and have not been producing too well yet. Last winter I wrapped them up tightly with insulation, burlap, and plastic, and filled them with mulch- but that did not seem to do much; they were pretty much dead to the roots anyway. I was wondering if you had any tips for how I can better prepare my fig trees for winter? Should I prune them down to one trunk and cover that up? Right now my fig trees are kind of bush-like. Or maybe I should just cut them to the ground and double the mulch so the roots are stronger for next year? I just want them to be productive-this year the trees look nice, and are about 5 feet tall, but only have about 10 figs each- thanks!-

Baltimore County Maryland

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Figs can start producing the second or third year after planting. However, Figs are not winter hardy and need protection. Figs grown in a bush habit are easier to protect than a single trunk. Take a look at our website for information on Overwintering Ground Grown Plants and pruning. Also, see our blog post on the bottom of the page "The Elusive Fig"