Need a dill zucchini relish or pickle "approved" recipe

Asked August 28, 2018, 11:34 AM EDT

I haven't found an "approved" recipe for dill zucchini relish or pickles. I understand it takes training/knowledge to determine if a recipe has an appropriate balance of ingredients. Would the recipe below be safe? Or could you direct me to a couple that are? Last year I made sweet zucchini relish and pickles, but want a change as we are cutting back on sugar in our diet. I have a pressure canner or I can use water bath. Thank you!

Oakland County Michigan

1 Response

I cannot recommend this recipe since it does not site the source of the infornation. There is a zucchini relish recipe in the new Ball Blue Book that is researched based and tested. I would recommend purchasing the new Ball Blue Book and follow the recipes located in this book.